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08/11/2018 12:01

As a Society we will be organising large scale outings like the recent trip to Wells and a planned trip for 2019 to London to attend the Ceremony Of the Keys at the Tower of London. 

However, from time to time, there may be opportunities for a small number of members to travel together informally to visit a place or an exhibition rather than doing it on our own.

If you are like me, I do like to go around an exhibition, museum or cathedral on my own so I can go at my own pace but when I have been through it I desperately want to talk about it with someone, even a stranger!

So I am very happy to facilitate small informal groups, of say 10 -15 people, who would like to travel together to see an exhibition or visit a cathedral for example.  This would enable us to take advantage of group entry discounts as well as travel discounts on South Western trains. 

For me, the Arts Society is very much about creating an environment where people can meet new like minded people and perhaps create new friendships and it was really heartening to see a group of our members exchanging emails with people they had met for the first time on our recent outing to Wells. I hope these informal trips will contribute to this.

As a starter for ten:

Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing at The Queens Gallery Buckingham Palace

Next year, 2019, to mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, 144 of the Renaissance master's greatest drawings in the Royal Collection the will be brought together to form part of an exhibition of over 200 sheets of Leonardo’s drawings at The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace. It will be the largest exhibition of Leonardo's work in over 65 years. 

I am a great fan and can not wait to see this exhibition. The exhibition runs from 24 May - 13 October 2019 and booking is open now for timed entry. I suspect tickets will sell fast for this.

If anyone is interested in going up together for the day then email my on seantisbury@icloud.com

For those who do not want to travel up to London there will be a smaller showing of 12 of the Royal Collection pieces at the City Art Galleries in Southampton and Bristol from 1 February - 6 May 2019. The drawings have been selected to reflect the full range of Leonardo's interests – painting, sculpture, architecture, music, anatomy, engineering, cartography, geology and botany.

Here are links to the websites



If you have any ideas of your own on this theme do let me know. I will use this blog page on our website to provide new detail so do come back and take a look from time to time.


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