Church Recording

Arts Society Church Recording began in 1971. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London (which was staging an exhibition of Treasures from Parish Churches) realised that few churches had much idea about their content and The Arts Society was invited to help.

Societies all over the UK have been recording local churches ever since enabling an unprecedented archive for the Nation.

Church Recorders work in a group to write a detailed description of every item within a church including measurements and well-researched history and provenance. Items of importance are photographed.

The record covers the Memorials, Metalwork, Stonework, Woodwork, Textiles, Paintings, Library, Windows and Miscellaneous (the "Cinderella" section which has the remaining items like the organ, floor-tiles, lighting and fire-extinguishers).



As a new Society, launched in April 2018, our priorty is to build a three year lecture programme and we have not yet established any church recording projects.

The committee is currently considering possible churches that might be suitable in the Nadder Valley area and are looking for a member to come forward to support them in this task. If you are interested in leading a church recording team or being a member of a church recording team please contact us at

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