Young Arts

The Arts Society is passionate about the benefits that creativity and arts education can bring to children in early life and adolescence. In a time of cuts and changes to the national curriculum, this has never been more important.

Here at the Arts Society Nadder Valley we aim to establish a Young Arts programme to be supported by our Society members through fundraising as well as seeking grants. In doing this we will seek to work with schools, museums and youth groups in the area.

This activity will be led by one of our committee, Izzy Boland. We plan to get a number of our members on board as volunteers to support Izzy to get a Young Arts Programme launched in 2019.

If you are a member and interested in getting involved or have any contacts that might help us or know of any young person or persons whose work in the arts needs supporting please contact us at

Linking in with the Arts Society Church Recording programme we aim to include Trails of Discovery in our Young Arts Programme – these are interactive guides for places of worship. They are designed primarily but not exclusively for children. Discovering a place of worship and its artworks, stained glass, artefacts and deep social history can be inspiring.

These guides prompt children to explore the stories behind what they can see in the iconography found within a place of worship. It is a joy to see their curiosity come to light.

Trails are produced by a team of volunteers from a local Arts Society, often part of the Church recording team.